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The disposable pump and pouch technology is designed to simplify operational needs, preserve and protect the food product and increase profit margins of the store operator.
Utilizing less than 6.5 grams of plastic, the patented pump is capable of dispensing liquid and semi-liquid food products containing soft particulates of up to 5mm cube (3/16”) with high accuracy and precision. At the point of use, the pump is inserted into and rotated within the pouch flange where it cuts through the film thereby enabling product flow and ensuring food safety.
Located in the discharge port of the pump is a flexible valve that virtually eliminates residual product drip and creates a barrier to the food product. As a result, the valve reduces the potential of bacterial growth and preserves product freshness.
As the food product is dispensed from the dispenser, the collapsing pouch, aided by the evacuation roll, insures the maximum amount of food product is extracted. Typically, greater than 95% of the pouch contents is extracted. When the pouch is empty, it and the pump are thrown away. There is no cleaning and the pouch and pump can be replaced in less than 60 seconds.
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