M&K Completes Deal with NEMCO for the Sale
Xiamen China – M&K Inno Tec, a developer and manufacturer of hygienic liquid dispensing technology with an emphasis on improving food safety and product freshness, has concluded an agreement with NEMCO Food Equipment Ltd. of Hicksville Ohio as its North America distributor. Under the terms of the agreement, NEMCO will sell, distribute and service the M&K dispensers under a “powered by” arrangement.
The versatile and patent protected M&K dispensers have repeatedly shown through microbial challenges to protect and preserve the food product, typically enabling a longer hold time within the dispenser. Our heated dispenser will not dispense product unless it is at or above the minimum regulatory food safe temperature. The unique drip free design eliminates the need for cleaning the dispenser or its dispensing components. When the pouch is empty, it and the dispensing pump are thrown away.
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